April 7, 2010

National Poetry Month, corporate greenwashing and thawing wetlands

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  1. @GarthGodsman The public's increased interest in the env necessitated new marketing schemes. The lies from the corps are a good indicator
  2. Arctic thaw frees overlooked greenhouse gas: studyhttp://bit.ly/aGEBWU Nitrous oxide from thawing wetlands
  3. Totally forgot about this, ty. RT @WritersDigest: Get the National Poetry Month poem-a-day emailed to you: http://ow.ly/1uExz
  4. RT @dendroica: New blog post: British Columbia Spotted Owl Population Critically Low http://bit.ly/cvIrti
  5. Like the silly oil commercials that make claims about safe undersea harvest. Or Dow's bullshit about the human element.
  6. Friends of the Earth fire back at corportate 'greenwashing'http://bit.ly/aZKomM It's about time. Amount of greenwashing out of hand.

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