March 21, 2010

Protecting our waters, sustainable wolf populations and fragile bats

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  1. RT @carlzimmer: Why that Guardian Darwin article is awful. The polite version: The blunt one:
  2. RT @USFWSNortheast: White-nose syndrome detected in bats in Ontario, Canada - More info: #whitenosebat
  3. The Periodic Table of Science Bloggers is coming along nicely...
  4. EPA Launches Web Forum on How to Best Protect America’s Waters It's a blog actually.
  5. Anyone in #Atlanta going to the Westside Arts Walk tomorrow? Wondering if there will be a hashtag for it.
  6. “...a higher number of breeding pairs is needed to produce a sustainable wolf population in Washington"
  7. @Laelaps They take "it's more complex than I thought" as "this is contradictory" because they're ignorant of the framework
  8. @Laelaps I get the feeling people who write these long-winded itswronglol articles have a hard time looking past philosophical implications
  9. Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man has been contextualized so hardcore that it's just unlistenable. It's like the phrase Who ya gonna call
  10. @Laelaps He's expressing his evolution apathy with the Nevermind baby. Also: TL;DR there's too much crankage on one page there.
  11. @DSchvejda Cheers Dennis, right back at you. Have a nice weekend.
  12. Two men plead guilty and were sentenced today for killing more than 100 endangered Indiana bat in Laurel Cave, Ky
  13. @bkchristensen wtf are you doing up?
  14. #FF @leafwarbler @davemunger @GarthGodsman @NHillgarth@rjpayne @DSchvejda @TreeStrategist @NESASK @dendroica@thudfactor @Stew @NPCA @alun
  15. Criticism of Fla Gov Charlie Crist's plan to restore the Everglades. Author: Only nature can restore it, we can't
  16. RT @sciencebase: Would you like to be on my Periodic Table of science bloggers? Tweet a link and *your* element -

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