March 16, 2010

TweetVG 3/15/10: Shrinking birds, the dying West and Dubya's conversion

  1. Tiger decline is 'sign of world's failure' Drugs, weapons, wildlife: most valuable illicit goods

  2. RT @audubonmagazine: Wolverines were supposedly wiped out of CA & MI. But each has lone wolverine resident:

  3. RT @BiolSciNews: Climate change 'makes birds shrink' in North America

  4. What’s Killing the Great Forests of the American West? Climate change in part. Drought cond def affecting bat pops

  5. Avg # of hours of fog along the CA coast declined from 56% to 42% per day in past century, drought cond for redwoods?

  6. GW Bush finally going green (his library, at least):

  7. When building bridges, endangered mussels are now relocated Note to author/copy: Genus species

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