March 19, 2010

Periodic Table of Science Bloggers

This is a fun Friday project. David Bradley of Sciencebase is putting together a Periodic Table of Science Bloggers over on his blog (found out via Twitter this morning). It's based on the Wikipedia version, complete with hyperlinks for each element. Seems like most people are using the symbols as abbreviations for their blog or name, so I pitched in for V, vanadium, though I suppose sodium or potassium could have been more scientifically appropriate.

There's still quite a few openings, but they're going fast. Contact David via Twitter or comment on his blog if you want to be included.


  1. Thanks for joining in the periodic fun and games. It's complete now and colourised!

  2. Looks awesome David. I think I'm going to snip Vanadium and put it on the sidebar as a button link to the table when I find the time.