March 1, 2010

Another ecology blogger joins the ranks at TVG

I'm happy to announce that Jennifer from The Infinite Sphere will now be blogging with us here at The Voltage Gate. Her posts on caving and cave ecology are always a treat and we're thrilled to have her along for the ride.

Jennifer's first blog was what initially inspired me to start blogging (forgive me Jen, I forget what it was called offhand), detailing her experiences as a non-traditional biology student. At the time, I was finishing up my biology degree at 27 and there was much to identify with.

So a big welcome to Jennifer and here's to a broader perspective at TVG.


  1. Great! Glad to see you get back into blogging. I used to keep up at Infinite Sphere. Looking forward to your contributions.

  2. Jennifer8:05 PM

    I'm looking forward to blogging again! It will be great fun to team up with you and Heather! I'm just now back from a wonderful conference, catching up on a bazillion emails, and look forward to posting soon! :-)