February 26, 2010

TVG named a finalist in Research Blogging awards, and other site news

I was very surprised to find out yesterday that we've been listed as finalists for Best Blog - Conservation or Geosciences for the Research Blogging Awards 2010. A big thank you to the readers that nominated TVG to be considered and to the judges for the honor of being chosen among so many excellent blogs. In about a week, voting begins within the community. I'm looking forward to voting for my favorite blogs in the process.

Other big news: Next week, on March 1st we'll be hosting the 45th edition of the Festival of the Trees. Heather and I are cooking up what we hope is an interesting presentation, a tribute to a long and dedicated tradition (kudos to Dave and Jade in particular for keeping it alive when so many carnivals have perished), so be sure to get your entries to me by tomorrow evening. Entries have been piling up in my inbox for a few weeks now and I'll try to get everyone included that I can. Mail them to me at: thevoltagegate at gmail dot com.

My final tidbit I'm going to leave a bit of a mystery. TVG will be expanding a little bit in the next week. I'm pretty sure I'll have all the details by the end of the weekend, but I'm excited about expanding our horizons, I'll put it that way.

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