January 14, 2010

My phylomons, let me show you them

Dave Ng's new brainchild, the Phylomon Project, sounds like a fun idea (and a good opportunity to explore the success of alternate science education strategies, as Jessica points out), one that I believe he alluded to in the past: IRL pokemon cards, complete with taxonomic info, original art and best of all, no weeaboos allowed (j/k).

Sounds like an excellent venue for artists looking for an excuse to draw cute little animals or giant armored battle-boars running really fast (you can tell precisely how fast by the relative obscurity of the scenery in the background - again, kidding). Heather is already making plans for her submissions. Red panda, I'm certain, will be one of the first.

Awesome idea as usual, Dave. I for one am looking forward to observing the process from beginning to end.

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