March 7, 2007

Lutheran Leader Looks to the "Future of the Earth"

It's nice to see religious leaders realizing their responsibility to educate their congregations about living a lifestyle in tune with conservation:

Pope Benedict XVI met on March 5 with Lutheran Archbishop Anders Wejryd, who was heading an ecumenical delegation from Sweden.

Archbishop Wejryd, the 69th leader of the Swedish Lutheran Church, told Vatican Radio that his conversation with the Holy Father had centered on ecumenical affairs, and particularly on the relations between Christian groups in Sweden.

The Lutheran archbishop said that during his private audience, he had also spoken with the Pontiff about ecological concerns, and the role of religious bodies in protecting “the future of this earth.”

Archbishop Wejryd observed that it is “pretty sure we will have to change our ways of life in a rather profound way” to avoid ecological disaster. Citing the Kyoto Protocol concerns about global warming, he said that religions should help people to examine their lives and make appropriate changes.

It should be a natural transition, actually; Christian tradition dictates that a modest person living a modest life has the potential to grow closer to God. It's too bad the fundies ignore that part of the doctrine.

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