March 4, 2007

A Call for Maryland Bloggers

The second Carnival of Maryland will be hosted by Attila this coming March 11, and he is looking for submissions from Maryland bloggers, preferably about Maryland in some way (via Blog Carnival form or e-mail, pillageidiot [at]

Also consider joining the Maryland Blogger Alliance:

You don't need to be a member of the Maryland Blogger Alliance (see sidebar) to contribute to our carnival, but we strongly urge you to join if you're a blogger in Maryland. There are no political litmus tests. We have liberal, moderate, conservative, and libertarian members, and members whose views are unknown. We have political blogs, a science blog, an art blog, a sports blog, and an idiot blog (mine). Some of our members have been published in dead-tree media; others have had premature (I hope) obituaries written for them in dead-tree media. We're an eclectic bunch. I was the founder of the Alliance and for some time its only member, but now we're 20 members strong. This is where all the cool kids in Maryland can be found.

Give Attila an e-mail either way; join up and/or submit!

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