February 9, 2007

Oh Good Lord...

United Campus Ministry sent out a campus e-mail yesterday announcing their intention to host:

A frank and honest dialogue, questions such as "Is religion relevant or irrelevant, helpful or harmful, empowering or restrictive, the cause of wars and divisions or a hope of peace?"

Are these questions absurd or inane, futile or impotent, unavailing or trivial, the cause of further sophomoric attempts at poignancy or the product of several recent, well-argued, published criticisms of religion?

Let's see... Yes, yes, yes and yes. Wait, there's more:

Current bestsellers such as The End of Faith by Richard Harris take a negative view. What do you think?

Richard Harris wrote The End of Faith? Well, I think at this point he would know of all people whether or not we should be spending more time in church.

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