February 17, 2007

AAAS Conference Day 1: Brief Summary

It's been a long but productive day here in San Fran. Woke up at six this morning, rushed out for a little bite and a big coffee, and headed up to attend a great symposium on extinction - not only biological/ecological extinction but also societal and lingual disappearances as well (or is it change?). I'll have detailed coverage up within the next couple days.

After that I perused the exhibition hall (I think AAAS got a up close and personal of me behind the cutting ribbon as it opened - whee!) and picked up bags of freebies, including some useful pubs from PNAS, Science and Nature, among others.

After that was a review of emerging grassroots campaigns in evolution education (thoughts on that later) and this evening, a meeting with my NASW mentor followed by the NASW science journalism awards ceremony aboard the bay ferry, complete with booze, food and a few hundred science writers - generally, not a bad combo.

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Tara, John and Janet from Scienceblogs. Nice to put a face to the writings, so to speak (there might even be some incriminating photos surfacing in the next couple of days).

I'll be attending a symposium on new mathematical systems in ecology and evolution tomorrow morning, and I hope to have something substantial posted by the evening.

GG [to bed]

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  1. Can't wait to read the complete roundup of the conference! Have a great time out there!