January 25, 2007

NWF Falls Off Its Chair

I got this e-mail yesterday from NWF:

Well, he finally said it. There I was last night sitting on my futon with my friends and coworkers (yes, it's D.C.--we actually hold parties for the State of the Union), and President Bush uttered those three magic words.

Global climate change.

The words were a first for Bush, who had not discussed global warming in his previous State of the Union addresses. They accompanied the President's call for reductions in "gasoline usage," more investments and research in alternative energy and better fuel economy standards.

"The president has dipped a few oars in the water, but he has not fully turned the ship to the right destination," said NWF's President and CEO Larry Schweiger. "We need to be cutting global warming pollution from gasoline and all other energy sources, and we need to start now with a mandatory program that guarantees results."

Does the president really have any choice but to acknowledge climate change at this point? He's got enough to deny as it is.

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