January 15, 2007

Third Call for Submissions: Tangled Bank #71 and Circus of the Spineless #17

Two carnivals are being hosted here at TVG this month:

The Tangled Bank

January 17th: Tangled Bank #71 will be themed for sure, probably delving into a bit of science history. Deadline is tomorrow.

January 31st: Circus of the Spineless #17. Deadline is January 30th.

Send your submissions to me at thevoltagegate [at] gmail.com or by using the respective Blogcarnival.net forms.

1 comment:

  1. We're having our first blog carnival; the hook is that the exhibitors have their blog listed on Blog Shares. It's in a couple weeks. I'd appreciate your coming to check things out; see if you might have any tips for us.

    Love the Pittsburgh Zoo link...and I can't tell you how much I miss The Smithsonian.

    Next time you go surfing, maybe you'll come for a visit. I'd be interested in your input. Maybe a link exchange would be in order