January 3, 2007

Art Shows and Science Fiction

I'm back, finally. I was in the mountains relying on public library access during the holiday season. Needless to say, that wasn't exactly conducive to regular posting.

I'm down in Annapolis for about a week (with internet access, yay!), setting up Heather's art show. We drove three hours down here, after scrambling to get her paintings from the fine arts building and cutting foam board for labels. The gallery is nice, however, in the front lobby and halls of city hall. We spent most of yesterday afternoon hanging giant paintings.

The damn labels wouldn't stay up, so we'll have to go out today and grab some museum putty.

About three or so months ago, after attending a lecture on ID at FSU, I ran into Andy Duncan, a well-respected science/speculative fiction writer (read some of his stories here and here, great stuff) who recently moved to Frostburg with his wife. He complimented me on my blog/column at the time, and mentioned starting a science fiction society in the area.

Well, the Frostburg Science Fiction Society is a go. I got an invite to the official group blog of FSFS from Duncan, and I'm very excited about musing randomly about sci fi in the future. I'll have more of the specifics as I get them.

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