December 11, 2006

A Very Special Xmas Gift for the Poacher in All of Us

This Christmas, you and yours can poach endangered animals together without ever leaving your couch, thanks to Cabela's African Safari/Alaskan Adventure:

Man, those elephants are bloodthirsty!

Talk about social responsibility. The cover of African Safari features a rhinoceros viciously charging a hunter. The back depicts all of the animals you can kill, most of them endangered, like cheetahs and rhinoceroses.

I never liked Grand Theft Auto for the same reasons I dislike the idea of this game; not because the fear of some abstract danger of corruption, but because it's just plain crass (and not cleverly so). I'm not naive enough to believe that the people that play Cabela's African Safari are going to buy an elephant gun and start blasting endangered animals, I just thought we might be past the point where murdering life-like animals and people was so appealing.

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