November 3, 2006

Tsk, Tsk, Ted Haggard; Maybe Your People Are Animals

Fire spitting American evangelical pastor Ted Haggard is stewing in his own pious juices tonight:

CNN) -- The president of the National Association of Evangelicals resigned Thursday after denying an accusation by a male prostitute that the pastor paid him for sex over three years.

The Rev. Ted Haggard said he is also temporarily stepping aside from the pulpit of his church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, pending an internal investigation by the church.

The National Association of Evangelicals is an umbrella group for more than 45,000 churches and some 30 million members across the country. (Watch Haggard deny the accusations -- 2:07 Video)

"I've never had a gay relationship with anybody. I'm steady with my wife. I'm faithful to my wife," Haggard told CNN affiliate KUSA-TV.

Haggard is married and has five children, according to the National Association of Evangelicals Web site.

Colorado is one of eight states where voters will consider bans on same-sex marriage in Tuesday's elections, and Haggard has been a supporter of the measure.

This is the same Ted Haggard that made an ass out of himself during The Root of All Evil (available here), Richard Dawkins' documentary illustrating the dangers of Western religion. Here's a little excerpt:

Nice guy, eh?


  1. Gads. Haggard accuses Dawkins of being arrogant! Dawkins appears to be nearly a generation older, and Haggard is lecturing him about what he'll learn when he grows up, so to speak.

    I don't worry so much about "faith" as I worry about people who are so cocksure about themselves.

    As far as this guy's little flock of twelve thousand is concerned, the place is contrived to feel like a rave, except with bright house lights.

    It's truly puzzling, how anyone could find "spiritual" meaning in such a heady, sensory atmosphere. A bit like conducting worship services in a brothel.

  2. The latest update on Haggard is really intriguing. Now he says that he actually did pay the male prostitute for methamphetamine (which he claims he didn't consume) and for a "massage." But he insistst that he did not have gay sex with him.

    Can anyone still remember Bill and Monica?

  3. Anonymous12:13 AM

    this is truly a a sad occasion when a man of God is accused of being untruthful. He has hurt his family and every one of the 14,000 flock members in his church.

    Could this sin have been avoided? I don't think there are too many of us who could throw stones at this Pastor. But this incident shows that we need to deal with that darkness which lurks within before it overtakes us and leads us to the dreary path of self destruction. May the Lord have mercy on Pastor Haggard's soul.

  4. Man of God? Please...

    He's a politician, living an idealized version of himself that he obviously couldn't live up to.

    He's a classic case, gay and hiding it, condemning it. I don't know about "darkness in the soul" but I can understand the denial of self.