October 23, 2006

Watch Out St. Louis...

I've been running around like a madman for the past couple of days trying to pack, throw together a makeshift portfolio (with over 50 writing samples; don't ask me where they all came from) and condensing my resumé into a brief review of my journalistic experience.

Why? Because the editorial board and I are leaving for St. Louis to attend the annual Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Advisers conference.

It's set up for student journalists across the country see what's happening in magazines and newspapers, design and layout, covering current issues, portfolio and resumé reviews, how to manage your staff better, website stuff, etc.

All of that's great. But I'm looking forward to the sessions on blogging and podcasting. :-)

In true poor college student fashion, we're cramming all nine of us in two rooms (someone's sleeping on a cot). That in itself will be interesting.

I hope I can keep up the blogging this week, but forgive me if I miss a few days. If I run across anything/anyone interesting, I'll be sure to share immediately (the conference is in the hotel and the hotel has wireless internet in the lobby).

I've read a stack of neat papers lately that I'd like to share; hopefully my mornings this week will be free for blogging.

Anyone been to St. Louis? Is there anywhere I just have to go? Restaurants? Bars? Museums?


  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Have fun! The room arrangements sound nice and cozy. ;-) Let us know what the conference is like! I don't know much about St. Louis, I wonder if Washington University hosts any interesting museums?

  2. I bet you'll have a great time! The cot notwithstanding...will you be the one who sleeps on it?