October 27, 2006

St. Louis ACP/CMA Conference: Days 1 & 2

It's been raining for the past three days (I'm soaked to the bone right now), the Cards fans are anxious to see a final win this evening and I could go for a little nap.

Oh yeah, and they transfered several dozen students from the convention hotel (ours) to another one down the street. Apparently, the Detroit Tigers needed someplace to stay. Poor babies.

We had a prescreening of Borat last night (one of the most hilariously offensive movies I've ever seen), as well as Stranger than Fiction (one of the most endearing movies I've seen in a long time).

I finally have a little break between sessions, and I thought I would share a few notes about what I've learned:
  1. It never rains in St. Louis. Except this week.
  2. "Shoulders" is the best drinking game ever conceived.
  3. Non-fiction books are sold by detailed 18 - 30 page proposals as opposed to manuscripts (That from Michael Taylor, who taught a session about turning feature stories into full length books, awesome stuff. He has written several books, some about caving; I immediately thought of Jen. I'll talk more about it later.)
  4. We are one of the best designed 12 page weekly in the country.
  5. We need more white space.
  6. TGIFridays + Drinking Games = Yuck.
  7. SEED Magazine is looking for an Associate Editor of Life Sciences and I qualify.
  8. I wish we published a weekly magazine (or even a one per semester special edition).
  9. There is a new science-centered animal carnival called (what else) Carnival of the Animals.
  10. The college journalist uniform includes horn-rimmed glasses (of many sizes and shapes) and tight girl jeans.
  11. The exact dimensions for effective use of white space.
I'll have more tonight, I hope. I'd also like to do a little bit on Bastesian and Mullerian mimicry, and some new research.

Time for another session. BRB.


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Sounds like you had fun at the conference! I read one book by Taylor, it was really good (yep, about caves). Post some more about the conference once you've recovered from all the drinking games. ;-) Ooh, you should apply to work for Seed. That sure would be a fun job!!

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