September 1, 2006

Thus Ends the First Week of Classes

Well, I think I have a pretty good impression of what the semester is going to be like - hectic, but challenging.

I'm taking ecology, physics, tech writing and world music (I love taking freshmen courses in my senior year) and I have to say, I'm anxiously awaiting trips into the field. We're hitting local forests, streams, ponds, and best of all, a few trips to the local swamps.

I took a little trip to Finzel Swamp with a few friends over the summer and was amazed at the diversity of the environment. Blueberries and raspberries - red and black - were growing in tight copses all along the path. The deeper parts of the swamp were bottom heavy with mud and large freshwater mussels were only noticeable by the tiny bubbles that occassionally made their way to the surface.

The pieces are slowly falling into place for the first issue of The Bottom Line, both in print and on the website. I spent much of the evening uploading articles for release on September 5th, one day earlier than the print version.

Tomorrow we tackle the print template; I hope we can nail it down by tomorrow afternoon so I can actually enjoy the long weekend.

I have some great info on Viverrid evolution, as well as a neat study analyzing correlations between manual dexterity and brain size. One of their subjects was the binturong. I'll have more up on bints soon.

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