September 14, 2006

New Article Up at The Bottom Line Online

I almost forgot; new edition of The Bottom Line & a new column:

Don't be fooled. There is a political agenda at work here. Behe and Wells do not consider the possibility of an extraterrestrial designer; they mean, of course, the Christian God, which makes them no more than "sophisticated creationists."


I do not believe that all Christians have an insidious plan in place to destroy our public education, but I do believe that they are being manipulated by people who understand their true devotion to the Christian faith and seek to exploit that devotion for the purpose of gaining political power.

That's why ID is dangerous. It is just another power play.

Evolution is not the cause of our moral decline in this country. Like any other issue, it is a combination of factors usually stemming from general societal shifts and a lack of communication between social classes.

Defeating evolution in the classrooms will not make our children any more respectful or pious. Defeating the negative pressures placed upon them by the media and their peers just might.

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  1. I read your column, well done!