September 17, 2006

My Music Binge

The new Mars Volta, Amputechture finally came out this week, which gives me an excuse to show you the video below, where Cedric Bixler (the front man of the Mars Volta) chastises the crowd for their evil ways. It makes me want to hug the guy.

How do you mosh to prog rock? Oh well.

I have bought a torrent of other great music recently:

Redeemer - Norma Jean
Decomposer - The Matches
Broken Boy Soldiers - The Raconteurs (lo fi music = lo fi website)
A Lesson in Crime - Tokyo Police Club
Bitter Tea & Gallowsbird's Peak - The Fiery Furnaces
He Poos Clouds - Final Fantasy. It's not the video game series, I assure you; worth a listen for everyone. In fact, here's a clip:

and finally, Black Holes and Revelations - Muse

New Deftones, Candiria and Blood Brothers due out soon! Woo!

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