September 26, 2006

BBC Interview with Richard Dawkins

Dawkins' The God Delusion just came out recently, and I tried to find it at Walden Books in our tiny mall outside of Frostburg. It is ranked as the #1 bestseller in England and the #12 bestseller in America so I [stupidly] thought it would be in plain sight in this conservative Christian Republican area.

Surprise, surprise. They didn't even have a copy in stock.

So, I settled for this interview from the BBC, and several excerpts from their website. I really don't have time to read it anyway with all the tests this week (ecology today, physics tomorrow). Enjoy.

Off to physics lab...

1 comment:

  1. I liked the part where he said something to the effect that religion for the sake of comfort is, essentially, worthless. As a Christian, I couldn't agree more.

    I'm mildly confused by his closing statement though. He said that we weren't put here to be comfortable. "Put here" implies someone or something doing the putting. It was probably just poor word choice, but interesting nonetheless.