August 23, 2006

Some Great Blogging from Today

I came across some neat posts today in my daily surfing:

Coturnix has a post on the possibility of viruses pushing the evolution of placental mammals. Sci fi meets reality, great post.

Fighting for Science (FFS!) is looking for contributors of the biological sort to post (or repost) blog entries in defense of science. Leave a comment here if you are interested (I did; I'll be posting there as well - more about that later).

They always have good stuff at RealClimate. Today's post covered a recently poll on the public's attitude toward global warming.

Science writer Rebecca Skloot is looking forward to an upcoming medical history book on the days before anesthesia [cringe].

Last but not least, if there are any Every Time I Die fans out there, my music editor, Steph, just transcribed an interview with the lead singer here and here.

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