August 26, 2006

New Post Up on FFS!

I just posted a new article at FFS! (Fighting for Science) discussing stem cells and a new technique that attempts to circumvent the moral objections by sampling single cells for culture from the blastocyst:

While I appreciate the effort - some funding is better than none - it seems like an unnecessary step. Bush’s rejection of federal funding might as well be a complete ban, and now that he has turned his first veto into a fence around this “moral boundary.” We hear statements from conservatives about how they don’t oppose ESC research, but it shouldn’t be funded federally.


This stance is the same one taken regarding climate change and conservation. They oppose the federal creation of MPG regulations and emission reduction measures. Leave it to the private sector, they say.

While the private sector surely has the power to change the perceptions of American society, I wonder if we need a little push every now and then.

FFS! is a team blog all about defending science from both the pseudosciences and politcal agendas, while providing accurate information on new research and explaining the basic tenets of science.

FFS! is still looking for science minded writers. Eric Ingram, site founder:

The goal of this website is to provide a “hip” resource to fighting bad science, pseudoscience, etc. I hope this website will encourage people to ask questions instead of indulging in free handouts.

I’d like this site to cover ALL sciences, from astronomy to zoology. I’d also like to cover current events regarding science education and what can be done to prevent the suppressing of it. This site isn’t meant to be too formal, as I want it to appeal to students. If you’re interested in helping, please leave a comment stating so. If you have a blog of your own, I still encourage you to participate. Repost your blog entries here. It would be awesome to have all disciplines in one location.

Jen from Studying Biology and Environmental Science has signed on recently, and we have gained an astrophysicist from the University of Alabama, but there are still openings for bloggers and, of course, readers.

Take a few minutes and look around; we have a great group of bloggers with varying specialties in the scientific disciplines.

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  1. Thanks for the FFS heads up. I trawled here via blogmad and thence there.