August 23, 2006

FSU's Best Student Journalism, IMHO: Opinion

Several great pieces came out of last semester, here are just a few:

Derek Hidey, our online director/columnist/all around good guy, wrote a great article on "Leetspeak," a modified version of English that gamers use online. Learn all about The Etymology of 'n00b.'

Every sport has a specific set of rules, but do the fans? Chris Schoenbauer outlines the guidelines for audience etiquette in The Rules of Fans.

Amanda Baldwin of SexPress fame, explores a "special" shopping trip, taking A Lesson from Mom.

Donovan Martin will be starting an all new column this semester, but last semester he was our Left Side guy. Here's a sample, dealing with Brazil, ethanol and U.S. imperialism: U.S. Imperialism Brings More Resources than Expected

Finally, we come to a very special discussion. Michael Weaver had the chance to interview God Himself, and two - count 'em, two - incarnations of Jesus Christ, Conservative Jesus and Liberal Jesus. Click the caps, witness the FACE/OFF.

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