August 8, 2006

FSU's Best Student Journalism, IMHO: Music

We just finished archiving the website, which is a load off my mind (for some reason we're having problems with the embedded RSS feeds, but I'm sure that will pass).

I reviewed just about every article, photo and graphic that was published in The Bottom Line last semester in my cut and paste frenzy, and I thought I would publish links to my favorites in a series of topics, starting with:


Brandon Burton is one of our music editors. He wrote an excellent piece on the public's perception of hip-hop, and how "bad apples" like BET and MTV only perpetuate harmful stereotypes:

The "bad apples" occur on the radio, BET, and MTV. It is these songs, or as I like to call them, crap, that unfortunately represent the culture, it is what the masses hear on the regular and little Timmy for suburbia recites that scares his mother half to death. The twenty-inch rims, glamorous life of groupies, big houses, and over expensive jewelry is all a misconception. This is not Hip-Hop, nor does is remotely come close to the culture itself.

Steph Thornton, music editor number two (though certainly not in skill), did an awesome interview with Thomas Erak from The Fall of Troy, a modern prog band from Seattle. We caught the show in Baltimore at the Ottobar:

Are there any challenges in just being a three-piece?

F*** yes. F*** yes. We have to work twice as hard. You know, with three guys… Andrew is stationary on the drums and he's a f***ing madman and if I am at the mic, I am limited to how much I can move around, and if I am on guitar, Tim's got to be on it, and when Tim is singing, I've got to be on it. It also is an advantage because being a three piece we can do things normal bands can't do. We really didn't get to do it at all tonight, but we usually improv a lot.

No song is ever the same tempo any night. No song is exactly the same. That's what keeps it interesting for us as a band. There aren't very many power trios anymore. I think it's kind of a dead art form. I think that the rise of the three piece band is starting to come back.

She did the interview, I did the article. FoT is one of the best bands around, period.

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