August 28, 2006

First Day of the [Binturong] Semester...

and I have tons to do. Classes every other hour (9:00, 11:00, 1:00) today, a meeting with the pres at of the university at three and an editorial staff meeting tonight at seven.

I'm hoping I can find time today to start the next series of posts on the binturong, another oddity in the animal kingdom. Like the red panda, the binturong is offically classified as a carnivore, but feeds mainly on fruit.

The animals' common names also line up nicely.

Red Panda = Catbear

Binturong = Bearcat

Should be fun.


  1. wow, stay in school, where it's safe! that Maryland is some wild place...


  2. Why does he dine on fruit?? Is that what's there? Can he not kill animals? Is he incompetent ?

    I feel kinda like if it were a human and the description was "He likes to have sex but only downloads porn" ... something is suspicious.

  3. Hope you had a good first day of classes! My first ecology field trip is Wednesday. We're going to a local creek to look for hellbenders! Let us know what you do in your ecology class.

    That sure is a interesting looking critter--I've never heard of it!

  4. Chief: All binturongs are orthodox Buddhists.

    Jen: I had my first class today. We have some really great field trips planned for this semester.

    I will definitely keep you informed. :-)

    Thanks for commenting, all.