August 31, 2006

Carnival News

The Tangled Bank

Tangled Bank # 61 is up on Epigenetics News. I will be hosting the 71st edition here, at The Voltage Gate on January 17th.

Carnival of the Green #42
has been up for a few days now at The Disillusioned Kid (for some reason it's not linked to me on Technorati, so I didn't see it until today).

Circus of the Spineless #12
is great as usual, especially with this neat post about ancient giant invertebrates. I signed on to host the Circus for January as well since it won't be right smack in the middle of the semester.

Last but definitely not least, Mendel's Garden #5 will be up at evolgen in a few days. The deadline for entries is tomorrow. I will be hosting the Garden as well in the middle of September.

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