August 4, 2006

Absenteeism and The Bottom Line Online

The online director for TBL and I have been working like crazy to get our new website up and running. College Publisher has a good thing going. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

It's relatively simple; publishing articles isn't much different than sitting down and typing a blog post, but Blogger could take a few lessons from these guys. CP has a built-in meta-keyword tagger, so it's much easier to incorporate keywords into an article than to deliberately insert keywords into a Blogger post. Sometimes it just doesn't turn out right.

We also have a slideshow feature, which is pretty decent. Honestly, I'm thinking of opening up a Flickr account for the newspaper and using their slideshows. CP shrinks your pics to just about nothingness before you can publish them.

I also need to get TBL's website hooked into Technorati today at some point (which means remembering the password for the site...) and set up our e-mail with Gmail. Last year we used our staff account for the school for everything, including large picture files and other media. Within the first two weeks the mailbox was "over its size limit" and we were pulling our hair out. Gmail should be able to accommodate us a little better.

I'll be working on some columns later today, so I should be around to post a little intro to on the spider's head and how it got there.


  1. The newspaper web page is wonderful, very professional! Plus it's easy to navigate. Your team has done a great job!

  2. Thanks Jen. We're getting there...