July 21, 2006

Right Compares Al Gore with Hitler; Erudition #11

But, I would like to point you in the direction of a post from Jen at Studying Biology and Environmental Science who quotes an article about the general denial of human-induced climate change, even going so far as to compare Al Gore with Hitler.

It's worth a read for both sides of the fence; conservatives can see what nonsense their representatives are spewing on television and in print, and liberals can continue to build up their ammo stores for 2008, platforming about environmentalism as if it we just another political issue. Enjoy.

As a side note: There are very few blogs that I read on a daily basis; Jen's in one of them. Go check it out.

My brother is coming up this weekend, so I won't be blogging until Sunday evening.


  1. Hi J. Bruno!

    I've responded to your questions over on my site, Burkean Reflections.

    Thanks for visiting and please come back again and again!

  2. Oh, so it is ok for the liberal left to compare President Bush to Hitler, but if the right has the audacity to say it they are just being ridiculous. Nice try!!!!!!

  3. It's not ok to compare anyone to Hitler unless they're very, very bad! For example, comparing Saddam Hussein to Hitler would be a fair. It's not fair for the left to compare Bush to Hitler in my opinion. Bush is a bad president but he's not a homocidal maniac. Comparing Gore to Hitler is equally irresponsible.

    The quotes I posted on my blog simply show the bizarre denial of those on the right to addressing the facts about global warming. The Hitler quotes just highlight one of the methods the far right uses to try to discredit the other side. Reprehensible whether the left or right does it... and usually it's the right.

    Thanks for the kind words, jbruno! I read your blog very regularly too, you have really good stuff here!