July 25, 2006

Only One Month Left...

...and I still have loads to do.

School starts back up in a little over a month, and I am a bit behind in my article writing. For those that don't know, The Voltage Gate is going to print starting this school year as a hard copy supplement to this blog.

Anyway, I told myself at the end of last semester that this summer I would crack down and have six or so non-timely articles ready for publication by the end of August.

Publishing gets to be a bear when you fill multiple roles. At the beginning of last semester I was news editor, music editor, managing editor, layout design and, of course, staff writer. By the end of the semester I had passed several of those roles to our most competant staff members. Hopefully this semester I can keep it to layout, columnist and editor.

I have a great handful of ideas for the column, discussing everything from evolution in plain terms to the science of homosexuality to the general misinterpretation of science. The list goes on almost indefinitely.

The Bottom Line's new website is finally coming together, and even in its early stages it is leaps and bounds beyond our last set up (although in defense of our old website, it was entirely created and run by one student; College Publisher does not have such limitations).

So, all in all, expect a lot of cross traffic here at TVG, from The Bottom Line website to its blog to the new blogs of our columnists. I have high hopes for the coming year.


  1. That's great! You still going to post here, right?

    I think I could do that with my blog, if I didn't write from my ass.

  2. Yeah, I'll definitely be posting here, hopefully just as frequently. The print version will be weekly pointed posts which I will link here and supplement with additional information and links.

    Thanks for your interest, Babbler! And don't be down on yourself; I don't add just anyone to my Blogroll.