June 28, 2006

NOFX Is a Band of Foul-Mouthed Liberals...

...otherwise known as typical metropolitans.

I just picked up their new album, Wolves in Wolves Clothing, another 18-track protest of the religious right and the Bush administration.

I've been a big fan of the band since I was a teenager, but became bitter with NOFX of late, and didn't buy their last release due to their wholehearted jump into political jams. I usually like a light dose of politics in my music (I love music for the art, not heavy-handed messages).

But this album rocks (like punk rock should) and it's clever, full of little tongue-in-cheek suggestions for the future of America.

Here's an excerpt from "Leaving Jesusland":

The fear stricken, born again Christian
They got a vision of a homogenized state
Textbook decline, Intelligent Design
They got Bill Nye on the list to execrate

They don't want visitors in Jesusland
They want life canned and bland in the fatherland

Punk rockers and emo kids, people doin' things the church forbids
Buddhists, anarchists, and atheists, we're moving out of Jesusland
Art students and thespians, excluding country, all the musicians
We want all hookers and comedians, nihilists* are welcome too

It's funny cuz it's true! Well, in a punk rock protest kind of way (the boldings are mine for emphasis). If you like a little bitter parody in your life every now and then, go pick it up.

*The Big Lebowski changed nihilism forever for me... They're all German and wear black berets, right? ;-)


  1. Really, though, isn't punk mostly about railing against authority? Johnny Rotten? "Anarchy in the U.K.? The Angelic Upstarts in the U.K. (they're still playing)? The Clash? And on and on... In the U.S., all kinds of bands in L.A. and New York coming out of the 1970s were politically charged. I loved DOA from Canada when I was younger, and saw them play with Black Flag at the Starwood in Hollywood circa 1980. I've gotten away from punk now, and I'm not that familiar with NOFX. Aren't they Canadian too?

  2. Donald (or should I say Dr.?):

    Punk rock is definitely anti-authority, and it seems to me that the real punk-rock bands of today have one-upped the originals (especially the Sex Pistols) in staying away from all social controls, even drugs.

    NOFX is actually from Berkeley, CA, though it seems like they might want to be from Canada nowadays...

  3. Thanks for the response. Come over and comment on my site from time to time. I'd appreciate it!

  4. Wolves in wolves clothing is great but their best release would have to be "The Decline", a 17 minute punk song.

  5. It's actually 18:21...

    The second longest punk song to date. The first is a Crass song, over 21 minutes long.