June 30, 2006

The 10th Circus of the Spineless Is Up!

The new Circus of the Spineless (CotS) is up at Science and Sensibility, featuring 38 entries on invertebrates from 5 phylums, including one of my favorite classes, the Arachnida.

From David's articulate presentation of CotS #10:
Class Arachnida

The Arachnids are another large class with about 70 000 described species of spiders, mites, ticks, harvestmen and scorpions. Most of this diversity occurs in the orders Acarina (the mites and ticks) and Araneae (spiders.) The latter group may be more familiar to us but there are probably more individual mites in the world than any other group of land animals.

The Arachnophillia begins with an up close and personal look at an orb weaving spider thanks to Angie

This post from Pam at Thomasburg-Walks might have been placed in the beetle section but I decided the real stars of the drama being played out on her Rosa rugosa were the spiders, follow the link and decide for yourself.

Jeremy of the Voltage Gate provides a story that shrugs of the horror film image of arachnids and presents instead a warming picture of paternal care

If you plan on or have written something on invertebrates, you should participate in the next CotS, which will be hosted at Words and Pictures on July 20th. Get your submissions in now!

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