May 14, 2006

Weed is Not Killing the Kids

In a preliminary study [full article, PDF], researchers have found that in cannibus users MRI scans detect no neurological damage to the brain.

From the study's abstract:
While differences existed between groups, no pattern consistent with evidence of cerebral atrophy or loss of white matter integrity was detected. Frequent cannabis use is unlikely to be neurotoxic to the normal developing brain.


  1. it may not kill, but from what I see is it dose make them pritty darn slow over time.

  2. Whilst I accept that one scientific study may suggest that cannabis does not damage the brain, I am all too familiar with the damage it DOES actually do.

    I worked for a Solicitors' Firm in England for a year (If you are not in the UK, a Solicitor is one of two main types of Attorney we have in the UK; the other being a barrister) and our Public Law Childcare cases often involved parents who used cannabis heavily, most of whom had serious paranoid pyschotic episodes at some point. It's clearly NOT good for you to smoke dope.

  3. I agree with both of you. If the study is ongoing, I'm sure the drug will have some tangible, physical impact.

    Perhaps they are looking in the wrong areas.