May 11, 2006

Scientific = Liberal

It is interesting how the words "scientific" and "liberal" are used interchangeably in 2006.

The "embryos" used by scientists in stem cell research are actually "blastocysts," balls of undifferentiated cells. NIH has an entire textbook in PDF form on their website describing in detail what stem cells are and where they come from.

Genetic research falls under the title "euphenics" nowadays (focusing on phenotype), making the field distinct from the Nazi overtones of "eugenics." Some may call it a simple renaming, some not.

I think people forget just how much pressure researchers are put under from "moral advisory boards" and such, and forget that they too are human beings and wish to seek alleviation of human suffering while answering the call of science.

Scientific progress is a living, breathing entity on its own. If we allow Christian moral tenants to direct a government decision, we risk breaching the church/state separation, falling behind in the world, and losing the chance to discover the truth about how life functions.

Morality will never provide that answer. Slow, careful research can.

Education is the key. Without it we all speak blindly. I think it is time for Americans (perhaps the human world, as Lilize has mentioned) to stop being fearful and become more educated.


  1. one of the gravest thing in our days is ignorance i reckon... people talk about things they don't really know of.

    actually, people talk a lot. they gossip and they assume and they make up and they criticize for no reason at all...

    not only americans, but i think we should all be re-educated... =/