May 12, 2006

A New Piece of Flare for FSU

This weekend marks the compilation of the very last issue of The Bottom Line, and I am looking forward to the break.

I'm taking over as editor in chief of the paper, and attended my first President's Student Advisory Council (PSAC) meeting. A familiar topic was covered last night: the elusive Center for Natural History.

FSU administration and science faculty have been talking about turning the first level of the Compton Science Center into a museum, incorporating the $2 million collection of zoological specimens (gifted to the university by a Mr. Cavallaro). The space was designated for a museum when the building was constructed, it has taken this long to accrue resources.

The biology department detailed the renewed need for the exhibit in their Department Strategic Plan Update at the end of last year. Its nice to see some progress; the exhibit should at least bring local high schools and perhaps some tourists to campus.

I have a sneaking suspician, however, that many a "function" (as they call it in the catering business) will be held in the room, sipping martinis with the wild boar and guarded alumni.

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