May 5, 2006

Joe Stote of 3: on Secular Spirituality

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail interview I did last week with the Woodstock, NY band 3 (article appeared in 5.3.06 TBL).
Joe, you had a journal entry recently analyzing the fragility of life. Was that something that came to you at the time, or are these feelings you've had for a while? Do you think American society is ready for secular spirituality?

[You] know I seem to draw some inspiration/strength from the realization that our lives on Earth are truly limited by the natural rhythm of life and death. We really have so little time to live our dreams and realize the potential we have. So little time and so much we want to do.

When you are in a band like any human relationship one tends to take it for granted. Human nature seems to have a built in disregard for how important our time is at the moment. Bands are so fragile and like everything else in life should be treated like a spiritual gift. The interaction between the band members and the music we make is a gift from a place very few get to visit. It is truly a link to something so ancient and spiritual that modern life has begun to doubt its existence at all. It is not religion as we know it in modern times but a part of the thing that binds us to each other and the world around us. Sure, we can live our entire lives and never need to experience the non-physical other places, but if we try, with what is right before us and let ourselves wander into the spiritual world, there are things there that are so beautiful and meaningful that even if we experience them in a small way can make all the difference within ourselves and the people around us. The more people realize this, the more it will effect the course of Human history. We can save ourselves by looking into ourselves and therefore right

All the wrongs and someday actually be in place to be deserving of the Heaven we inhabit called Earth. America like the rest of the world is on a slow but direct course to realize the ancient non-secular one-ness with everything that is life. This is all evolving on Earth time which does not have 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. It can not even be referred to as time. It is not infinity either. It is close, but surely not in our lifetime as we know it. But we will be and are a big part of the change. So, what we do right now is what the future will be.



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