May 20, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth:

I have to work from noon to about 11 p.m. But I did catch the trailer for An Inconvenient Truth at

Dave Guggenheim's latest movie follows Al Gore in his mission to bring global warming, and the evidence that we are causing it, to the general public. Guggenheim basically took Gore's touring lecture, complete with Powerpoint, and spiced it up liberally.

I'll bet you more students would show up to class if Guggenheim produced their professor's Powerpoint lectures.

I'm going to see it, keeping in mind that it is at least partly sensational and things will be exaggerated in the flick (it's Hollywood). The process of predicting climate changes is sketchy at best. Our best meteorologists can't even predict tomorrow's weather accurately, there are too many variables.

Whether you believe that we are causing global warming or not doesn't matter. It is happening and we need to brace for impact. Hopefully this movie will shed some light on the issue and not polarize our country even further.

Have a peek at the trailer:

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