May 22, 2006

Black Moth/White Moth

I allowed myself to be dragged into an internet argument (on this post about intelligent design) and I should be ashamed:
Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Nothing exists by chance.

Man is the evidence of God.

God bless.

8:41 PM

jbruno said...

This is just bad logic. "The building has to have a builder" argument is sophomoric and entirely unscientific.

This issue has nothing to do with the Constitution and our "rights" to teach without discrimination. You can believe what you want, but there is no evidence whatsoever that there is a "designer" inherent in nature, and such a baseless claim has no place in a science class, period.

Furthermore, if the evidence for design is so "abundant and convincing," why didn't you link it to this post? There's not even a paraphrasing of this evidence. If ID and its clones are so scientific, there must be concrete evidence published somewhere.

I think the proponents of ID & creationism are confused. There is no problem with holding the belief that the universe and everything in it was designed, just keep it to a humanities course.

Evolution is a scientific theory, not a personal philosophy. When science teachers introduce evolution, they are not promoting naturalism, they are teaching the pillar upon which all of biology is firmly planted.

4:06 PM

Dawn Benko said...

And what's your proof of evolution? Oh yeah, man evolved from apes.

2:04 AM

jbruno said...

Dawn: Here is your proof of evolution: antibiotic resistance. Please click on the link; it will explain a lot.

The organism that is the most fit, the most well-adapted to its environment, will live long enough to mate and pass on its genes. That is the essence of evolution.

A textbook example:

During the industrial age in the UK, the factories expelled enough soot to turn the trunks of trees black. There were black & white speckled moths living in this forest. The moths that were lighter colored stood out more against the now black trees, and birds and other predators ate them. The moths that were darker (better adapted to the changed environment) were well hidden from predators, not eaten, and lived long enough to mate. They passed on their genes to the next generation, and those subsequent moths ended up being darker.

You see, it's not strictly about human beings evolving from apes (although that is the problem that most people have with the theory) and it's not necessarily about the origin of life.

Dawn, there is plenty of evidence for evolution if you look in the right place: science textbooks, journals, magazines and websites devoted to research, not to forging a new foundation for atheism.



  1. You're right, there is a huge difference between evolution such as adaptation and origin of life. I believe God created the earth, and everything on it. I also believe He created systems for those things to function within, one of which is the evolving nature of species. I do not believe that man came from apes -- if natural selection were to actually point to that conclusion, why are there still apes? But I think there is irrefutable evidence that species have evolved over time. I don't think it's such an either-or prospect. I also think ID is a copout for those who don't want to seem religious extremists, but who can't swallow evolution either.

  2. Excellent point, Gem. People need to realize that, unfortunately, religion and science are becoming more politicized in our country. Certain political leaders are pitting the principles of religion and science against each other, when there is no basis for comparison.

    We are becoming more polarized by the day, feeling like we have to take one side or the other, and they are sitting back waiting for the votes to roll in. It's dangerous, and we need to stop playing the game.

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Just having a little fun.

    I'm still not completely sold on the whole evolution thing. Thousands of creatures of all kinds have become extinct over the millenia, for whatever reasons. New ones take their place. Where did they come from?

  4. :-)

    Mass extinctions do not completely wipe out all life on earth, they merely level the evolutionary playing field.

    For example, in the past 65 million years, mammals have effectively replaced dinosaurs as the dominant large animal on earth (insects by far outnumber us, but we'll leave that alone for now).

    But mammals didn't just come out of nowhere. They were already coexisting with dinosaurs at the time albeit in the form of very small, very timid, rodent-like animals. They reproduced, well, like rodents, and quickly filled the gap left by the dinosaurs.

    So mammals were poised to take over, just as the dinosaurs seemed to be on top. Of course, many scientists believe that the dinosaurs never really went extinct, but evolved into birds.

    Check out my recommended reading for today, "Biotic recoveries from mass extinctions." It may do more to explain than I ever could.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Dawn. I love to hear feedback.

  5. I can accept evolution to a point, but here's one for you. How was the earth created to begin with?

    I know, I know--the big bang. What did the big bang consist of? What caused it to go BANG?

  6. Dawn,

    I'm not a physicist, but I can tell you this: they don't really know what caused it. There are a couple explanations through the untestable string theory, and a few others, but they don't know what caused it to "go bang."

    I want to answer your question more fully, but I have to get ready this morning for a memorial weekend with the family.

    Please look for a complete answer this Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Have a nice weekend!