April 22, 2006

A Short History of The Fall of Troy and Nearly Everything I Have to Do Today

The semester is winding down and I find myself less interested in what I am being taught, and more interested in things I want to teach myself. I'm currently reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, and despite his many critics (especially the scientific commmunity, he's written a good book thus far, but then again, I'm only 30 or so pages into it.

I just started a blog for The Bottom Line, where we can bounce around ideas whenever we want. I want it to be a window into our operation for the campus, to see what we really do, and what our writers are really thinking, sort of a living newspaper. Hopefully Frostburg State University will pay attention, it can only make us try harder.

I have to finish the Fall of Troy show review (which will be posted here very soon), by tonight, hopefully. Steph's transcribed interview with lead singer Tom Erak is huge, just under 2,000 words. I'm have to find a way to trim it while leaving the good bits, like the interplay between the two of them. She'll be a great music journalist one day if she sticks with it.

Well, I have editing to do.

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  1. i think i dated that chick in the picture once.