April 18, 2006

Interview with "Moose" from Bullet for My Valentine

JB: You guys are gearing up for the second tour of the US, right?

BFMV: Yeah, me and the guys cant fucking wait to be back on tour in your country again.

JB: And thats starting in March?

BFMV: Yeah.

JB: How have you been preparing for the tour in the next couple months?

BFMV: Really the three Europe shows are a warm up for you guys. Weve been home for like, just under three weeks now and have been working on new songs for the next album.

JB: You are working on new material already?

BFMV: Yes, because we see our schedule up until December and January and theres no time. Were touring all the time. So we thought wed get more stuff done now. If were not working, were not happy.

JB: Hows the new stuff different?

BFMV: Its pretty much the same flavor, but I think its more in your face than the last record, more Judas Priest. Were not recording until December or January so hopefully well have another 10 songs to choose from, we have eight now. Its cool, man. Good British metal.

JB: Are there any cities in the U.S. youre looking forward to revisiting?

BFMV: Were looking forward to going to all of them New York, L.A. Every show and every venue is looked forward to; its a great country to be in and a great country to tour.

JB: Are you big fans of Rob Zombie?

BFMV: Yeah from White Zombie. Ive got a couple of his albums. Its going to be quite strange playing every night with one of the people youve listened to growing up (laughs).

JB: I can imagine.

BFMV: Yeah, after a week or so Ill kind of settle down, I guess.

JB: Is there any difference in the crowds in the UK and Europe and over here?

BFMV: We havent noticed any difference. The last show we did was a little 200-people-a-night venue. I think kids are kids in general, but this is a bigger tour and well see if theres any major difference. Well see what your country has to offer.

JB: Well, youre definitely gaining popularity over here.

BFMV: Cool, thats great! Yeah, [The Poison] was released on Valentines Day and sold over 10,000 copies in the first week so we were all like, fuck (laughs).

JB: Metal has become back in fashion, so to speak.

BFMV: Yeah, Ive loved metal since the age of 13 or 14 and its nice to see sort of the old school bands like us come back to life.

JB: And getting more respect too.

BFMV: Yeah.

JB: As a drummer what track was the greatest challenge on [The Poison]?

BFMV: Ah, the biggest challenge would probably have been God, Im sick of fucking playing it (laughs) Tears Dont Fall which is going to be the next single. Were flying into Miami a week early to do a video [for Tears Dont Fall] before we actually join the Rob Zombie tour.

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