April 19, 2006

Border Collie Found in Frostburg, MD

In the past two years, my girlfriend and I have rescued two lost, starving animals: a long-haired tabby and more recently, a border collie mix. Its both frustrating and saddening that people do not take better care of their animals.

Heather and I just spent an hour posting FOUND fliers all over campus and town. Hopefully, the dog's family comes forward, and it was just a big mistake. She escaped and they couldn't find her.

People's attitudes towards animals need to change. Animals deserve your respect and depend on you. They will love you no matter what, you can always turn to Lily or Thistle or Fido or Max for unconditional consolation. They have nothing to say but a wag of the tail or a rumble in the throat. They don't care what color you are or how you dress. They are unashamed of their nature. Animals don't need to justify their existance; they have no qualms about what they are. Humans could learn a few lessons from our evolutionary cousins.

Yeah, I'm being a bit sappy. I just wonder at the insensitivities of people.


  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    May people lose a pet, and do NOT fit the description you give. A friend recently lost a border collie at National Airport in DC. It got out of the crate. She, and others, have been frantically searching for the dog for two weeks. If it is found, it will undoubtedly appear to be starving. But this is not do to owner neglect. It is just due to an unfortunate accident.

  2. There will always be accidents; nine times out of ten, however, it is the human's fault, not the pet's.