April 27, 2006

ANWR is a Cheap Date

Republicans are trying once again to sneak into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drill for our energy independence.

They snuck the latest push behind a bill that would refund motorists $100 for the recent gas price increase. Here we go again.

The area they want to drill is 1002, in the nothernmost area of ANWR, an area described as barren and desolate by most pro-drillers and as unique by most scientists.

In 2003, Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton gave a speech trying to convince the House Committee of Resources that drilling in ANWR was a viable solution to our oil problems.

In the speech, the secretary states the following,

5% chance of 5.7 billion barrels in ANWR

95% chance of 16 billion barrels in ANWR

then tries to use a "mean" of 10.4 billion as a qualifier for this data:

10.4 billion barrels would supply "every drop of petroleum for the entire state of Arkansas for 144 years, Missouri for 71 years or South Dakota for 479 years."

First of all, I'm no statistician, but the mean from that set of projected data would not be standard, it would fall closer to the 95% mark. Second, Arkansas represents about 1% of our population. Third, according to anwr.org (a pro-drilling propaganda site), the maximum yearly capacity of the pipeline is only 2 million barrels of usable oil. It may last a certain number of years, but it will most certainly not release us from foreign dependence.

They can keep the damn $100.

The info is out there, and I wish more people would take the time to do a little research. The talking TV heads are not always reliable.

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